Mekong Vietnam Celebrating Vietnamese Women's Day October 20

   Vietnamese Women's Day is a celebration honoring women, held on October 20 every year in Vietnam. On this occasion, women in Vietnam, as well as in other parts of the world, are expressed interest and honored in many forms by many people, but the most popular is still giving roses, cards and accompanying gifts. Congratulation.

   On October 20, 1930, the Vietnam Anti-imperialist Women's Union (now renamed as Vietnam Women's Union) was officially established, to mark this event, the Communist Party of Vietnam decided to choose the 20th day. October every year is the traditional day of the Association, and at the same time, this day is also taken as a day to celebrate and honor Vietnamese women, named "Vietnamese Women's Day".

   On the morning of October 20, 2021, Mekong Vietnam Company organized to give flowers and gifts to female officers and employees of the Company.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Tu - General Director of Mekong Vietnam gave flowers to congratulate the sisters on the occasion of October 20.

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